Intelligent Organometallic Chemistry laboratory (IOM) of Pusan National University
(PNU) is currently concentrating its research efforts on catalysis that is utilizing Nanoparticles and
Organometallic compounds.

The term “Nano-catalyst” means a catalyst that is so small, which is in size of nanometer (10-9m)
so that the function of catalyst can be maximized. Nano-catalyst and related technologies are among the most
important research tasks these days in the study field of chemistry since the application can be much varied
from the transformation of energy to the environmental and biological studies.

Established in 2008, the IOM laboratory managed to achieve research results regarding synthesis of
nano catalyst, applications for organic reactions and securing fundamental technology of synthesizing
nanomaterials. .

Also, Joint study through University-Industry Cooperation is another activity that IOM is focusing on.
Prof. Park said “With the researchers in the lab, we will develop very best catalyst throughout endless studies
based on Keen Observation and Everlasting Effort.”